Prizehead Lettuce

This is my latest experimentation on lettuces. I bought the seeds just because of the picture. I thought it would look good in my lettuce garden bed. So after a few weeks, I am starting to harvest them. In combination of other types of lettuce plus the arugula, it makes the salad more appetizing. It tasted really good, crunchy and succulent.
It reminds me of the book I bought awhile back by Rosalind Creasy, The Salad Garden, I think is the title. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the different types of greens you can make as salad. The different textures and tastes serves as my inspiration to experiment and plant different types of lettuce. Although we’re limited on the types we can plant because of the weather here in Hawaii, we have so many varieties that we can grow. So keep on sowing at least every two weeks so you won’t run out of lettuce for your green salad everyday.

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