I just picked the matured pumpkin (kabocha/kalabasa) today, the one I posted last May 12. But unfortunately I only have two fruits from this vine because some kind of virus or fungus attacked the plant. So I will have to remove everything so as not to contaminate other plants. My cucumber were hurt too but at least I was able to get 5 cucumbers. Same with the long beans, I was able to gather a lot before it started to wilt. I think it was attacked by a virus too. Since we cannot use pesticide I just have to be content with whatever I can get. But on the bright side, I have all kinds of seeds I can plant again so I’m not worried.
Anyways, I know what I can do with the pumpkin. I can make my favorite shrimp curry with pumpkin and coconut. I know it will be so delicious especially if you put lemongrass and a little bit of chili to spice it a bit.

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