Winged Beans

I sowed the winged beans seeds together with the long beans and hyacinth beans last February. The long beans is almost finished producing but the winged beans are just starting to flower and I just saw one bean. Because the seed of the winged beans is so hard, you need to scarify it or soak it in water at least 24 hours before you plant it and that’s probably why it is slower than the long beans to produce. Anyways so is the hyacinth bean. It is doing good now but I don’t see any flower yet.
I use winged beans or sigarilyas in just about any recipe that requires beans. We have what call “sinigang” or sour soup that requires a souring agent like tamarind or “kamias” but the most commonly used is tamarind. Pork “Sinigang” is the best. Boil the pork till tender and then add tamarind, onions, tomatoes and peppers to add a little spice. You can also put taro root or “gabi” (dasheen), then add the winged beans and un choi (“kangkong”) last. It’s so delicious I cook sour soup almost every week. It’s the family’s favorite soup.

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