I planned to plant Calendula in my garden but I could not find seeds available in any nursery or garden store so I bought a packet of mixed seeds of perennials knowing Calendula seeds are included in the mix. So I sowed the seeds and I waited for the Calendula plant to show up. I know how the plant would look like. I like Calendula because it is edible plus it has medicinal values or benefits. A lot of different plants showed up including Calendula and so I tried to separate the plants into each individual containers. But for some reason, the Calendula did not make it but the others did. The only thing was I don’t know what the other plants would be until they have their flowers. The first one that flowered is the Coreopsis. I thought it was Cosmos at first because it has the same plant description. I was surprised when the flowers opened then I knew right away it is Coreopsis also known as tickseed. It is a perennial and very hardy plant. The bright, yellow flowers remind me of the flowers you see in the prairies or meadows in California. Coreopsis is designated as the state wildflower in Florida.

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