Squash flowers

squash flowers 001


We have been using squash flowers for as long as I can remember in cooking.  But the method is just simple.  Removing the anthers first and then mixing it with other vegetables seasoned with fish sauce is the norm.  But I found out that the popularity of using the flowers in the modern culinary world is really emerging.  I must say that the squash flowers have really gone a long way and deserve it.  Just like other edible flowers, squash flowers are healthy to eat and can be used as garnish for green salads.

Whatever type of squash flowers you use, they are all good.  Pumpkins, kabocha, and zucchini flowers are best candidates.

Squash flowers are male and female. The female has a bump on the lower part of the flower so it is best to pick the male flowers if you want  the squash to fruit.  It is best to pick the male flowers when it still in bud form.  I pick the flowers after I did my hand pollination to ensure some full pledge squash in my garden.

The flowers don’t last long in the refrigerator so it’s best to use it while it is fresh. It is more tasty that way.

The best way to cook the flowers now is by stuffing them with cheese or ground meat and bake like quesadillas.




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