Butterfly Bush

I call this plant butterfly bush because butterflies lay eggs on the leaves. The caterpillars eat the leaves until the whole plant is stripped. When the caterpillars developed into beautiful butterflies, they suck the nectar from the tiny flowers. The flowers that has been pollinated developed seed pods and I just saw one today that opened up and the seeds were dispersed by the wind. It was neat to witness something from Nature. I wish I had a video camera and recorded the whole thing. I like that moment to remain in my memory forever. It was just a glimpse but nonetheless it is something I would want to preserve in my mind as a reminder that we are in this world for a reason. We all have a role to play just like the flowers of the butterfly bush which is to be the food for the butterflies. Nature itself helps in the preservation of the species by letting the plant go to seed and perpetuate the life cycle not only of the plant but also of the butterfly.

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