Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil (also known as Italian Basil) is the most used herb nowadays. That’s why I have it in the garden so I can readily pick the leaves if I need to make pesto or just plain use the leaves in pasta. I particularly like it in Penne Pasta Alfredo with Shrimp or Chicken. Sweet…


Malunggay or Moringa leaves are having good reviews not only as a healthy food but also a solution to reduce world hunger. I just learned that the leaves can be incorporated in the making of noodles or pasta just like spinach for added health benefits. You can mix the dried ground leaves with the rice…


Most gardeners consider these wildflowers as weeds but I find them pretty amusing. Their simple beauty makes me smile. Marjolein Bastin, my favorite sketch artist, seemed to be drawn to their beauty too that she always draws them. I can’t help but emulate.

Baguio Beans

We call these delectable green vegetable Baguio beans because they are mostly grown in the Mountain Province where the temperature is cooler than the lowlands in the Philippines and Baguio City is the most popular destination during the hot summer months.



Kinchay or Leaf Celery (Chinese Celery) is a very versatile herb that we use for everyday cooking in the Philippines. It has the flavor and aroma that we like to impart in our local dishes like pancit, chop suey and soups.