Swiss Chard

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I like Swiss chard in my garden, not only of the healthful benefits but because it is pretty much easy to plant and grow. It is not finicky like some other plants like lettuce for example where you have to wait till the weather is a little bit cooler before you can plant. This one can thrive even in hot summer days as long as they are well watered. That is why sometimes they are called perpetual spinach. You can practically harvest the nice glossy leaves all year long. The green variety called Fordhook Giant can outlast the multicolored ones called Bright Lights or the red variety called Ruby Chard which the stems look like Rhubarb stems.

Swiss chard although has a slightly bitter taste is widely used in the culinary world especially in Mediterranean cooking. Sicily has been known to be where the old varieties of Swiss chard came from. It is called Swiss chard to distinguish it from the French spinach.

The young leaves of the Swiss chard can be used in salads as baby greens. I use the green leaves as a substitute for pechay or bok choy when I am making beef “nilaga” or beef soup. I make sauteed Swiss chard in olive oil and garlic as a side dish. I also chopped them, blanch, and squeezed to remove excess moisture, then place on top of pizza dough as your greens alongside the other toppings.

Swiss chard has beta carotene and other vitamins and minerals that’s why it is also considered as super food now just like the kale.

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