Guava is a popular fruit in the Philippines but it is seasonal. During rainy season that’s when it is most abundant. There are several varieties of guava that is native to the Philippines that I know of but the guava java which is an import variety from Indonesia hence the name, became the most popular. The guava java is bigger than our native variety, thick skin and less seeds. It is sweet if ripe enough and the skin would be crunchy. It is good for snacks and healthy for you. Guava is rich in anti-oxidants. Guava is also a medicinal plant. The leaves are boiled to treat wounds like an anti-biotic. Eating the fruit also served as anti-diarrhea. The tree trunk is utilized also for firewood. The fruits are also used for cooking particularly the Filipino dish called “Sinigang” The ripe fruits also are made into jam or a refreshing drink.

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