Bok Choy/Pechay

Bok Choy or Pechay is one of the earliest vegetable that I have encountered in the garden as a high school student. We were taught how to plant vegetables back then and the easiest to grow was the bok choy or pechay. I like to plant bok choy in my garden here but space is a problem. My old friend has a garden he can not tend to anymore so he let me use it. I started some seeds and when they are big enough I transplanted them amongst the lettuces and they grow so well I always have something to use for my favorite recipes like kare-kare, bokchoy in oyster sauce as a side dish for roast duck, or vegetable soup, even beef soup we call “nilaga”.
They don’t need much, just ample watering for the growing period as long as the soil has lots of compost and other amendments like blood meal for nitrogen. Leafy vegetables need nitrogen to be more green.

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