Super Chili

I bought this super chili plant to to see how it will perform in my garden. Besides, my husband loves to eat them, the hotter the better for him. I like the pepper fruit because it is much bigger than the Hawaiian chili pepper which incidentally I am growing too in the garden. I have other variety of peppers which I like to use in sour-soup we call”Sinigang”. It is long and slim like cayenne pepper but I use it while it is green. The flavor it imparts in the sinigang is absolutely delectable and hot it will make you sweat.
The super chili is extraordinary easy to grow I like it so much I sowed some seedlings from a mature pepper and I doubled my plants now.
It grows well in full sun and constant watering is all it needs. I give it a weekly dose of fertilizer and it seems happy and giving me peppers all the time. I pick the fruits as soon as it turns red in color.

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