Jicama or singkamas is one of the favorite snacks during the summer season together with watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple not to mention mango. In our province in Zambales, there is a town called San Marcelino which is the main producer of this succulent, crispy and sweet jicama. Lots of buses and cars stop in the town proper where all the sellers are lined-up just to buy bunches of jicamas fresh from the field.
Jicama was just featured in the newspaper here in Hawaii and it reminded me of my childhood days where we go to the beach with the jicama and eat it in the water because its good to eat with salt in it (sea water is salty). It’s a real thirst quencher especially in the heat of summer.
I haven’t tried planting this yet in my garden but the seeds are available now here in Hawaii. The soil must be on the sandy side because it needs good drainage. I will get back to you when I decide to plant the seeds of this delectable and juicy jicama.
I just eat this plain but some people they would like it with vinegar, some use it for making salsa but it is good with salad too.

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